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CB:   Since it's currently exam period for the whole of UK right ...

CB: Since it's currently exam period for the whole of UK right now we've been really slacking in our posting game. So we all apologize in advance because we don't really know how consistent we're going to be for the next month or so. As you can see this is another MB & CB post- it's kind of an outing/ootd-ish type. We both had a free day so decided to explore for a bit and take some shots for the blog at the same time. The location we visited this time was Notting Hill, and surprisingly it was our first time visiting. We went on a really quiet day so there wasn't any excitement going on but there were still really interesting things to see. 

So the focus of the shots was the ootd that i was wearing that day. I've been really into trousers/slacks lately so been wearing them all the time. I paired with a plain white tee and a sleeveless blazer, Unfortunately the trousers and blazer are not a matching suit but somehow they match really well, and finally i had to chuck in the infamous adidas stan smiths because they match with everything. 
Thanks for popping by and see you in the next post. 

trousers(zara TRF), white tee(zara), sleeveless blazer(urbanoutfitters), trainers(adidas stan smith)

MB: Film photography can be pretty unpredictable, well that’s an understatement.

I had a spare colour film, so thought why not shoot some ootd pics. It was a sunny week down in London town, rare as they say, but we like to enjoy it while it lasts. We came upon a half sunny/cloudy day when we choose to go out, which was fine. We managed to find hidden streets in Notting Hill, coming across stunning houses, transporting us to somewhere that was definitely not London. Choosing to shoot with film gives you that natural old effect that digital cameras cannot even recreate and not knowing how the image looks like, makes you that much more excited for the end result.

After all the hustle and bustle with using up the film; long story short, the whole film roll wounded out of the canister, so there’s me thinking all the film got exposed, so it was a day’s wait till I got to see if it did develop or not…

Well after all the stress about worrying about my exposed film the pictures came out absolutely fine, with a few leaks here and there and apparently multiple slips of Chenny, I thank the ‘35mm film’ Gods for saving my blessed photographs. Be sure to tune in for more film photography, as I shall hopefully be stressing out some more with my evolving best friend the 35mm film.

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