Paris & Stockholm

  Damn two blog posts in the s...

 Damn two blog posts in the span of 24 hours! Guess we're really upping our game here XD. So now I can finally present to you my long overdue blog post that was meant to go up just after easter, however typical lazy old me here never got round to it. 
I went away for a week in easter to stockholm and paris. The trip was meant to be a cheap and cheerful but turned out to be wayyy too expensive (ohwells). I went with my cousin and our two close friends; we spent 3 nights in stockholm and 2 nights in paris doing everything we could possibly do without a proper plan. We ate excessively, spent recklessly, laughed loudly and smiled endlessly. This definitely became one of my best trips. I hope you enjoyed the first part of this photo diary, and hope to get part two up very soon. 

CB x

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