A photo finish

I never really understood the concept of having ‘ a weight off your shoulders ’ in that it ...

I never really understood the concept of having ‘a weight off your shoulders’ in that it never struck upon me as the first response of a happy feeling. Post-exam and I’m trying to find the right words in describing the exact moment in leaving that hall for the last time. In what became a whirlwind of 7 years of having become accustomed to an environment, and a building that holds a profoundly great amount of memories - both good and bad - it is worth noting that a venture into the great unknown is left upon ourselves, and that we no longer have ‘the people’ to navigate us, and so my first thought became ‘shit, what now?’. 

So we made plans (to celebrate, of course). A laid back gathering where we found ourselves laughing non-stop with good food and some alcoholic beverages, setting the mood altogether. These guys… my (babes) crazy friends are what made school life a journey worth reliving. As our school life comes to a close, and we head into the prospects of uni life (or other worldly paths we choose).

We made it - for now, at least.

Signing out. 
Photos by Megan Booth 

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