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29/06/15, 12:03pm  Venice, Ca' Rezzonico 2/06/15, 13:15pm Florence, Piazzale Michelang...

29/06/15, 12:03pm Venice, Ca' Rezzonico
2/06/15, 13:15pm Florence, Piazzale Michelangelo
3/06/15, 14:51pm Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore

3 nights in Venice, 1 night in Florence, half a day in Pisa, 2 nights in Cinque Terre and 1 night in Milan. Hectic it was, but definitely worth it…
Venice, the fabled floating city of romance encompassing canals instead of streets, and it has got to be the most beautiful city in the world, and my favourite. Coming back a second time was an indescribable feeling, and everything was illuminated by the aura of nostalgia from their narrow waterways to their unique buildings. We visited the main tourist sites, along with the simple acts of just losing our sense of direction, we ended up stumbling upon hidden markets in alleys, buying fresh fruit and sitting by the canal and enjoying the calming motion of the waves.
The next stop was Florence- basking, more like dying in the Italian sun, trying desperately to cool down with the world’s best gelato and hiding in the shadows, cowering behind buildings- I absolutely cannot function in 30+ degrees of heat, as yall know London is practically stuck in the constant cycle of winter so it was definitely a struggle. We arrived at our Airbnb which was the cutest little studio flat; most of the furniture being from ikea adding to the whole minimalistic style that was going on. Not having much of a plan whatsoever, we set on foot, exploring an undiscovered city just as it should be done, getting lost within narrow streets, discovering beautiful bridges- ending the day with the most breath-taking sunset over Florence, reflecting pink hues on the canals and buildings. The last stop was Cinque Terre, which was utterly stunning, and unlike any other city I’ve been too; with their multi-coloured timeworn buildings constructed on the rugged steep landscape right up to the cliffs that overlook the sea. Cinque Terre is a rugged portion of coast on the Italian Riviera. "The Five Lands" comprises five villages: and on the first day we took a boat to one of the villages: Monterosso, which was the only chance I got to swim on the holiday, and was pretty lucky because just as we finished it started to pour like crazy. This last trip consisted of a fail trek up the cliff- only managing to go halfway due to the blistering afternoon sun and steep steps, along with tranquil moments by the water, eating takeaway pizza waiting for the sun to set; this last stop was such a relaxing and memorable way to end our hectic journey.

If you’re going to Italy, be sure to try their ice-cream; flavour recommendations: lemon, nut and melon! Also make sure to try local food, any of their pizzas and pastas were amazing everywhere we went: fav dish would probably be gnocchi with pesto- which was my last meal in Cinque Terre :)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, and make sure to look out for the film photos of Italy coming up on the next post. 


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