A little over a month ago, us five four ( our significant other one-fifth had a crazy schedule and a getaway to attend to )...

A little over a month ago, us five four (our significant other one-fifth had a crazy schedule and a getaway to attend to) embarked on a visit to the city of Budapest. Whilst the trip itself was short and sweet, this post may show otherwise. So sit down (if you aren't already seated), take in the music and prepare yourself for some lengthy scrolling. 

It's a given getting lost while travelling. Yet our version of getting lost may be our best one yet. Rising in the early hours to take a dip at Gellert baths became a three-hour walk going through the maze that is Gellert Hill, where we found ourselves engulfed by the nostalgic feeling of being back home to the rainy summer seasons in Asia. Noting by the houses with breathtaking views of the city that is definitely not found on your average tourist guide.  

Baths, baths, baths. 
How do we even begin? Budapest is known (and practically famous) for its baths. Having made the decision to go meant that we had to go to not one - but two; and boy did it exceed our expectations. 

Szechenyi [pronounced: /say.chen.e/] 
Made up of outdoor baths we've lost count on, eternally roasted us into varying shades of tan (if you even call ours a tan). Wave currents and genuinely strange highly heated baths and saunas that catered to everyone's temperature choice - enter Sam and Chenny enjoying 40-55 degrees’ temperature ranges.

Gellert was in a league of its own and is a place that one has to go. I could go on and on about it, as everyone around me is inexplicably exhausted of my endless praise towards it. So I'll save you the hassle and describe it one word. Magical
Now go and book yourself a trip over and thank me later. 

Night walks by the Chain Bridge and sunsets at the Buda Castle. Chimney cakes and mind-boggling conversion rates where the currency made you feel like you owned thousands. Trams and the constant renaming of streets and stations to understand it all, along with the over-friendly waiter at dinner made it a familiarity that is now Budapest. 

Oh Budapest, with your yellow buildings and oh so perfect shade of pink that could only be reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film. 
The word ‘youths’ will never sound the same. 

This is our love letter to you. 

with love,

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