road trip series: germany, france, austria (pt. 1 of 2)



I’m late. Very late. Apologies for the delay! It took a long time getting around to doing this post, and I really have no excuses except that I wanted to do the countries creative justice in hopes of presenting each place’s unique charm.

18 days, five countries and an iPhone camera to document it all. Here is part one of that summer road trip adventure three months ago - yes three months. Where did all the time go?

First stop Germany.
Whilst a visit to Frankfurt was a spontaneous decision (it was decided four days before we departed) made for my mum to reunite with an old friend, spontaneous is the right word to describe it all. A three hour power nap after a lengthy eight hour overnight drive from London meant a short and sweet tour around the city where we mainly stopped for frankfurt’s take on currywurst and an introduction to the apfelwein. Sights aside, a reunion called for drinks whether this was in bar #2 or 3. Drinks on an evening cruise around the city and of course drinks at home.

If there’s anything I can take from Frankfurt, its that the apfelwein is a must.

Stuttgart [pronounced: /stoot.gardt/]
The land of Mercedes. An equivalent to disneyland for any car fanatic or fanboys alike (aka my dad). The main priority (for my dad) in visiting the city was to do everything Mercedes and boy did we have the whole package. Stepping out of the hotel, there’s a Mercedes. Your hotel room view? The Mercedes Arena. Streets are named Mercedes, every second car passing by the road is a Mercedes. An inside tour of the factory and visit to the museum was an education on the history of Mercedes, only that you were surrounded by a beautiful collection of vintage and classic cars.

fun fact: The first person to drive an automobile was a woman (the wife of the man who went on to invent the Mercedes cars)

France. A place of comfort, familiarity, our second home? Yet, with every visit there is always something new to discover and this visit wasn’t any different. The small town of Colmar was an unexpected gem. A blend between German and French, with the best of both encapsulated in a small town. Colmar, you could describe is the perfect lazy afternoon. Where the streets are lined with quirky cafes that you pass time in whilst stepping out to wander around its cobble stoned footpaths immersing yourself to get lost. The smell, the sights and sounds of Colmar was a reminder of my appreciation of France.

Salzburg. The sound of music, Mozart, Beethoven. Those are the first things that come to mind. Truly a city of music where in each corner, you can hear a melody or two being played. You can’t help but be inspired when walking around the streets of Salzburg. A look at the von Trapp family house and walking up and down the stairs of Mirabell gardens singing do-re-mi was all part of the agenda of that day. 

As I sit in my uni bedroom curating this post, there’s only one thing to say.
 Take me back.

we shall meet again in part two.



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